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Aquaponic Setup

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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

I apologize for the lack of updates as I have been otherwise occupied.

This will be a short update as there isn't much to elaborate on.

While on the property, we found that our clay soil is way to hard and rocky to dig by hand :(
So our only options are as follows;

  1. Get in a Readymix and have the slabs poured at a cost.
  2. Build elevated wooden platforms.
  3. Clear the site area and use the fill for the slabs. 

We are going with option 3 at this point. It will also help us solve a degrading issue with one of our dam walls.

So for our trip down to the property, we weren't able to setup any sheds at this point.

But we did learn a couple things... We have found that our soil mix is quite good for construction.
To the point where in certain situations, you wouldn't need to add cement at all.
As when it dries, it feels like rock.

We have made a 1m2 test slab in the base of our camp shower to test a 5% cement mix.
The slab hardened to a usable state with 48hrs and showed no sign of cracking.
I will update further on this when I get back to the property.

While on the property however, we did manage to build a suitable kitchen area and a rocket stove... Images for those in a further update.

The time has come to start some hard work!

For this next leg of the race, we now have to get the foundations out so we can build on it.
This project isn't going to be a quick one but it is probably the most essential!

The plan of attack on this one is to first clear out the site of all grass and rocks.
Once the grass and the rocks are cleared, we then have to level the ground to the best of our ability.

From there we need to then lay out the forms so we can then pour the slabs.

This is where it will be a little different from your standard development project... but hey, that's okay :)

Read more: New Project: Site Foundations

WOOHOO!!! March 28! It's D-Day! We now have our little piece of Australia. What a feeling it is to know that we are secure in our future.

What would have seemed to be a rather straight forward process, turned into a long drawn out ordeal.

This being our first and most likely last property purchase, I can't say that I have any other experience to draw from in regards to how these are supposed to go. That being said, we were on the other end recently when one of us had sold their house; which is in part funding this purchase.
That sale went a lot smoother for them than our purchase of this land.

There were a couple unexpected surprises which I have noted before on this site. Considering this is an 'In-Review' article that I aim to do with every project, I wish to outline everything that has happened.

I don't wish this article to be too long, but I would like to ensure that everything we have come across is out there for others.

So, without getting too distracted, let's get on with it!

Read more: In Review: Property Contract

Just mere hours away from owning our slice of Australia.

Settlement is tomorrow (March 28th) local time.


Within the next 2 weeks, we will break soil on the property in the long journey of 'Simple Living'.

Exciting stuff! This is going to be one hell of a ride!

Head on over here and sign the petition.

GoPetition - Legalize The Sale Of Raw Dairy Products

We should have the option to purchase raw milk products for as long as GMO products are allowed on the market.

We just spent another 4 days on the property to do a couple things to help prepare for when we need to start on the construction.

These included clearing away brush for vehicle access, removal of small trees and their stumps as well as getting a rough idea of the Hive's dimensions.

I would have loved a birds eye view of what we did, but we can't fly ;|

Just right click the image and select 'View Image' for a larger versions.

With that, I got a little sun burned :(

We found that the property has a ton of rocks.
There will be a use for them in the future, but it should make the construction process very... fun.

I am starting to think we may need some heavy machinery! Pick-axes and shovels may not cut it.

Still looking forward to getting out there and getting our hands dirty!

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