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Aquaponic Setup

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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

Now that the site has a new face and is working a little bit smoother, I can get to a news post I wanted to mirror from Earthbag Building Blog.

The bulk of the article describes what we plan on doing here at Kindria, though not in COMPLETE detail; That I will get to soon.

For now, here is a direct link to the article; Kindria on Earthbag Building Blog.


The Hives
The Hives The Hives

Read more: Introducing - The Hives

Busy busy busy...

January 1st saw us camp out on a candidate property for 3 nights so that we could fully explore what we would be buying.

To say the least we were impressed with what we saw. That isn't to say the property wasn't without its flaws, but there is no perfect property when you are on a budget :)

Still, the budget being about $85,000, we managed to find a nicely elevated, watered property of 250 acres.
Not too shabby!

The downside of course being multiple watercourses through the property that could hinder access.
Just one of those future project challenges for when we start building!


Read more: Property Found

Disregard the previous post as a whole as we have secured funding enough to purchase a block of land ourselves.

Though for those who are still interested, the offer still stands! Just contact me for details of requirements.

Keeping this article brief; the Aquaponic grow bed has gone through a major change of plants and will post updated images shortly.

We have some designs of what our Self Sufficient community will look like and I will post them in the next article describing it all.

We also have an animation of our build process in terms of what is most important to establish first.

Owen Geiger has also kindly featured 'Kindria' on his blog; which does feature some of the images that I have rendered so far.
The images are very basic at the moment, but will be updated with concept plants, textures and lots of lovely stuff to make it look as we want.

We have also got an Earth Brick concept of a Composting Toilet system that will be posted up in the next article also.

So the past couple months have seen a lot of changes in our life.

One of those changes is the previously mentioned move to another location.

I went back through to see if I could find the video I took in mid December and I did find it.

However, it only shows the start of the completed grow bed basically.

I also seemed to have lost the images we took of the established system a couple weeks before leaving.


Read more: A lot of changes...

Ok, so there was a video I made around the 20th of December after several weeks of rain.


I just haven't uploaded it, which I apologize for!


There have been a lot of developments in life since the last post, which was Dec 1st.
Some of those updates include being asked to leave this house when the lease expires.
Which expires in 8 days.
But before this post we have organized a new place to move into and that is all ok!



Read more: Status Update - 05/02/11

It's now December first and it has been 14 days since the system has been cycling without fish.

Overall the system is performing adequately but not exceptionally... By that I mean the plants are growing (slowly) and haven't died (yay!).

I will record a new video when it stops raining to show the updates to the grow bed.

From the first video, I have since added Sugar Beets, Carrots, Snow Peas, Tomatoes and Chilli.


A lot more after the jump... There are pictures too!

Read more: New Plants, New Designs, Support Documentation OH MY!

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