Aquaponic Setup

Aquaponic Setup

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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active


Ok, after several phones calls and many hours research on the topic and discussion with our solicitor.

We still have security on our property regarding the carriageway as any diverting is classified as trespassing.

If we feel the need to, we can run fences the length of the carriageway anyway.

This property is still a go!


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The loading speeds on the previous site were unbearable!

Kindred Network has now been transferred to a much faster web host.

Hopefully we shouldn't see any more slow downs.

Sorry about the amount of time it took to transfer... Unfortunately I have no control over the DNS resolving to different ISPs.

4 Days since my last post... Wow.

I can only image what time will be like once we actually get out onto the property and start this project.
Fun times ahead methinks ;)

Anyway, over the past couple days I have been sorting out what power requirements we need.
IE which way we will go with Solar Panels - Make VS Buy.
The idea was to purchase a lot of Solar Cells from eBay and then assemble the panels ourselves.
However we have found that with using new materials (not recycled) the cost exceeds that of a similar spec'd commercial panel.
Not that it's all that surprising, but it did give us a rough idea of which way to go.
Of course it would be cheaper if we sourced the Wood (for the frame) and Glass from recycled sources (costing near nothing hopefully), but you can't always count on that.


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All modules reinstalled...
Had to rewrite the 'Project Display' module at the top of the page due to my previous code not being compatible with 1.7.
Oh well, now I have two version, one for 1.5 and this one for 1.7.

The whole process only took 3 hours... Fun fun.
However one of the reasons I wanted to upgrade was to fix a CSS issue with RocketTheme and Kunena.
Alas this issue was not corrected! So I will have to look into some other 'Profile' option... Maybe CommunityBuilder.

The Visitor counter and Poll didn't survive the transition, thus had to be reset. Not such a great loss I don't suppose.


There were some slight hitches, mostly incompatible module versions that I have to go through and reinstall.
Mostly everything is good.
Please let me know on the forums if you find something missing.

NOTE: Still updating modules and such over the next hour... Will update this post once everything I can do has been done!

Original Post;

Over the next hour or so, I will be upgrading the site software so please bare with us through any issues you see.

Joomla 1.5 is being upgraded to 1.7 along with all its modules and templates.

Kunena Forum will also go through an update.

Hopefully it all goes smoothly and shouldn't actually cause any down time.

Well laid plans and all that...

Just a quick post to show off the actual images that we took ourselves during our stay on the property.

It is quite amazing that your prime intentions are take as many photos as you possibly can within the scope of battery power and memory storage.
However, plans go a wry when you are actually there taking in the sights... That being said, we did manage to snap quite a few great shots like these;

Property Images
Property Images Property Images
Property Images
Property Images Property Images


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These design concepts are based on our principle building pattern of a 3m x 3m 'shed'.

In these images on the jump, you will see that these structures are made for a specific thickness of wall.
This is based around Compressed Earth Bricks (CEB for short), which have a width of 150mm.
You can modify these to suit your design principles if you aren't building with CEB... For example, it would work very well for Earthbags or Adobe.

At this point these are the only specialized structures that require internal walls. Most every other structure that we will have should be an open 3m x 3m 'shed' plan.

Concept Images
Concept Images Concept Images

[This design is our favourite]

Read more for our other designs...

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