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Aquaponic Setup

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Building a Portable Toilet

After designing the portable toilet in SketchUp, the next logical step was to actually build the thing.

Read more: Project: Portable Toilet - Part 1

Keeping with the trend of designing pretty much every aspect of this project, I designed a brick a while ago.

I had held off releasing this as I wasn't sure and am still not sure of its viability as a structural brick.
But having researched this time after time, I have come to realize that if the soil mixture is stabilized with cement or is made in the normal fashion bricks are made... Shouldn't have any problems what so ever.

We won't be able to test the integrity of this brick until after we construct our own brick press. Which I don't estimate to be within the first 6 months, so it will take some time.
However, if someone else out there has a brick press that they can test this with, that would be awesome!

Read more on the jump.

Read more: Custom Brick Design

When we were on the property for the last 4 days, we discussed a great many things.

One of the points of discussion was what we would do for a toilet until the main toilet/laundry structure was built.
I mentioned that there is a small box/bucket design named 'Lovable Loo', so with that, we waited until we got home to find out how much one of these beasts would be.

Turns out to be $225 AUD + Shipping... OUCH!

Not acceptable in my books, so I decided to design and build my own.

I turned to SketchUp once more to design this portable temporary toilet.
This is what I came up with :)

Revision 1 of Lovable Loo


More details and images on the jump.

Read more: Lovable Loo

Over the past couple days I have been researching Root Cellar designs and their principles.

There is a lot of information out there and not all of it lines up with each other... This is both good and bad.
Good in the sense you can see what works...
Bad in the fact that you can't get specific details that you may need, like wall thickness for example.

I persevered and this is what I came up with;

Main Room Dimensions: 4m x 6m

See the image build breakdown after the jump.

Read more: Root Cellar

I have finally got around to designing the Hives in SketchUp so that I can get true measurements and volume information.

This will give you a complete view of the Hives and the total sizes we are working with.
I had to make a few changes to fit with Council guidelines but overall, no real impact has occurred.

Hives scaling


Read more: Sense of Scale

Here is some interesting information I have been emailed.

It is a topic that will probably effect most people who do their own cooking.
This will be a copy paste of the email; Read below;

                                With quite a few more inquiries coming in & different queries about Butter is Better, & as I cant answer all will  try to cover most in this reply, for there were a few wanting to know about the rumors surrounding Canola & other oils. So thought it best to cover it as best I can in one:  

In reply to Aussie Citizen Brett Wells, living in Canada & his email below:

Read more: Olives VS Canola?

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