AP related projects

The trellis is now made for the Aquaponics, and ready for when it is needed.


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The Aquaponics system we have set up since being at the new place has now been running for 8 weeks quite well, and we have worked through a few issues, with only a few to go hopefully.



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Aquaponics is a means of growing Fish and Plants in a self controlled ecosystem.

There are two forms of good bacteria in these systems that are naturally formed.

One of the bacteria live in the main fish tank to help process the waste from the fish (Ammonia) into Nitrites.

The other resides in the grow beds (where the plants are grown), that convert the Nitrites into Nitrates.

These Nitrates are what give the plants all the nutrients they need to thrive.

The plants absorb the Nitrates and then allows clean fresh water to be passed back to the fish tank.


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Today's post will be about the costs involved with starting an AP system.

Now considering this basic setup is only 500L, there isn't too many components involved.
That being said, for what it offers, the price tag is VERY attractive!

Please click the link to get the breakdown!


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