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As time went on without a care for us mere mortals, we mortals slowly stumbled upon this Earth and saw naught of what was in front of us.

The New Year brings new possibilities and new opportunities, be it opportunities we have missed or sorely need.

We set forth a task for ourselves in an attempt to better our future and our families.

Over the coming year, Kindred Network will hopefully see leaps and bounds in progress as we have finally made a decision that was up until now, holding us back.

You can count on one hand how many people are involved with Kindred Net, but there is a glint on the horizon of potentially more.

There is myself, my partner and my mother and soon to be at least 2 others.

With only a handful of people there is only so much that can be done at any given time and even less when there is no one actually on the property.

This is where the first change of the New Year occurs...



Come mid February, myself and my partner will be moving to the property full time to get this monster ball rolling.

Having little time to get to the property the past year, we have been unable to progress forward.

So we rallied our forces, marshaled all our will and finally put our collective feet on the ground.


We have 3 major elements that will progress over the next 6 months that will allow us to be almost completely self sufficient.

That means we will only need to go into the local town rarely for some bare essentials (petrol, toiletries et c).

These 3 major components are as follows;

  1. Manual Brick Press
    • The manual brick press will allow us to build as many bricks as we want for any construction project.
      • The first structure that needs to be built is a Solar Wood Kiln.
      • The second structure that needs to be built is a Power Shed.
        • This shed will house all the electrical components for our 4kW Solar Array.
      • The third structure will be an amenities block.
    • Once the major structures are complete and we are in steady construction... We will look at upgrading the manual press to an automated hydraulic press. See OSE CEB Liberator.
  2. Portable Sawmill
    • The portable sawmill will allow us to have all the different types of lumber we need for construction, right from our own property.
    • The Solar Kiln that was built with bricks will allow us to dry our newly cut lumber for use in projects.
    • With the sawmill, if we have large enough trees, we can make slabs for counter tops, cabinetry and other various projects.
  3. 4kW Solar Array
    • This has been a tough nut to crack, but with this array, we should have all the power we need to live in comfort.
    • With the Portable Sawmill, we will be able to construct the array structure for our panels with our locally cut lumber.

So as you can see, we have been diligently nutting out exactly what we need to move forward. As we progress, will keep the site inundated with updates, pictures and video!

But first things first, we need a support ecology on the property to sustain my partner and myself for the coming months.

For this, we will construct as many no-dig garden beds as needed and start planting as many food plants as possible.


Our end goal is to create a self sufficient community network that will support our family and those of whom that wish to join us.

Once our main habitable structures are up, we will put the word out seeking those of like minds to share in our self sufficient future.

Of course, we may take early applicants if they don't mind living in a tent or other portable sleeping arrangements they have ;)


In the next day or so, I will provide specifics, documents and images on all the 3 components we have selected so that you can get a good idea of the route we have chosen.

If you want to discuss this further, either email us directly @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or jump into our forums where we will answer and all questions that we can.


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