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Aquaponic Setup

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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

We just spent another 4 days on the property to do a couple things to help prepare for when we need to start on the construction.

These included clearing away brush for vehicle access, removal of small trees and their stumps as well as getting a rough idea of the Hive's dimensions.

I would have loved a birds eye view of what we did, but we can't fly ;|

Just right click the image and select 'View Image' for a larger versions.

With that, I got a little sun burned :(

We found that the property has a ton of rocks.
There will be a use for them in the future, but it should make the construction process very... fun.

I am starting to think we may need some heavy machinery! Pick-axes and shovels may not cut it.

Still looking forward to getting out there and getting our hands dirty!

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