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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

When we were on the property for the last 4 days, we discussed a great many things.

One of the points of discussion was what we would do for a toilet until the main toilet/laundry structure was built.
I mentioned that there is a small box/bucket design named 'Lovable Loo', so with that, we waited until we got home to find out how much one of these beasts would be.

Turns out to be $225 AUD + Shipping... OUCH!

Not acceptable in my books, so I decided to design and build my own.

I turned to SketchUp once more to design this portable temporary toilet.
This is what I came up with :)

Revision 1 of Lovable Loo


More details and images on the jump.

This is a very basic design that anyone can use if they wish.

Here is a flat-pack version of an unassembled unit.


There is one slight adjustment that I wish to add.

Which would be the addition of a ventilation pipe like there will be in the large setup. This will ensure zero odor from this toilet on top of the sawdust that will be used.

The bucket in this design is a standard 20L Handy Pale from Bunnings for $10.
The ventilation system will be attached to a sacraficial lid with a flexible pipe attached to a small 12v fan.
Hopefully this will create enough vacuum to ensure no odor escapes.

Again, this is an optional extra as this base design above is to spec of a standard Lovable Loo.

Total estimated cost is $80 - $90 AUD.

Once I get prices for hinges, toilet seat, screws, wood glue and paint... I will have a final break down of the costs!
As it stands so far;
Wood Frame (New) - $10.70 AUD
    - Using 70mm x 35mm Structural Pine.
Plywood (New) - $34.00 AUD
    - Using 2440mm x 1220mm x 12mm Non Structural Plywood CD
20L Handy Pale (New) - $9.95 AUD

This brings the known total to: $54.65.
Where I then estimate the following;
Hinges: $5
Screws: $5
Toilet Seat: $10 (cheapy plastic)
Wood Glue: $10

Bringing the estimated final total to: $84.65 AUD
Of course the portion of the cost of Screws and Glue will be calculated as well.
Making any additional Lovable Loo much cheaper than the first if you need to buy everything.


I have yet to design in the ventilation system, so I can't estimate costs.
But I can estimate that the toilet will gain roughly 4cm of height to accommodate the piping system.

You can download Revision 1 of our Lovable Loo below;


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