Aquaponic Setup

Aquaponic Setup

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Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

I have finally got around to designing the Hives in SketchUp so that I can get true measurements and volume information.

This will give you a complete view of the Hives and the total sizes we are working with.
I had to make a few changes to fit with Council guidelines but overall, no real impact has occurred.

Hives scaling


Next up are the Mandala Keyhole gardens.

Hives scaling

Then the Hive Pergolas, followed by the walkways.

Hives scaling

In the above image, there are 2 cut away shots of the Pergola's for the Hive's. The first image removes the roofing panels to show the walls. The final Hive has both the wall and roof panels hidden so you can see the entire frame.

Hives scaling

Here are the walk ways included

Hives scaling

This is a completed SketchUp File showing all of the components minus additional slab configurations, water tanks and of course 3m x 3m buildings.

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