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Ok, after several phones calls and many hours research on the topic and discussion with our solicitor.

We still have security on our property regarding the carriageway as any diverting is classified as trespassing.

If we feel the need to, we can run fences the length of the carriageway anyway.

This property is still a go!



So it would seem some bright spark in the distant past, thought it would be an absolutely smashing idea to put a carriageway right up the guts of this property!

I kid you not... Below is a survey image of the property and the listed 'Right of Carriageway' on the property we are looking at.

Suffice it say, this is the straw that broke the camels back.

Right of Carria...
Right of Carriageway Right of Carriageway

According to the documentation, this gives the right to the neighbouring lot, to come and go as they please without the need of our consent.
This is not acceptable.
The process to have this carriageway 'extinguished' is to go to court and have the person the carriageway suites, agree.

It would appear that we need to start looking again as the process of above can cost upwards of $1,500 and does NOT guarantee success.
What a joke our system is.


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