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Busy busy busy...

January 1st saw us camp out on a candidate property for 3 nights so that we could fully explore what we would be buying.

To say the least we were impressed with what we saw. That isn't to say the property wasn't without its flaws, but there is no perfect property when you are on a budget :)

Still, the budget being about $85,000, we managed to find a nicely elevated, watered property of 250 acres.
Not too shabby!

The downside of course being multiple watercourses through the property that could hinder access.
Just one of those future project challenges for when we start building!



The property also has an odd shape and according to Google Earth, the front 40 acres or so are cleared land with 3 dams.
However the back 210 acres are heavily timbered and will make for an excellent source of fuel and timber. Plus we found a fourth dam that wasn't listed on the property prospectus.

We do plan on correcting the properties watercourse issue with swales for our permiculture plans.

The property was once planted with around 2,000 olive trees; though in our time there, we only managed to find 3 remaining.
What had found was a LOT of irrigation piping and sprinkler attachments; should come in handy methinks.

We followed the irrigation as best we could to try and find a header dam or tank for the source of water.
We found no such thing and are baffled as to where the previous owner could have possibly been pumping the water from.

Outside of the 4 dams on the property, the southern border runs along a creek... We still have to explore that as we were unable to during our camp out.

On the property in terms of timber, we have mostly eucalyptus, pine and iron bark as well as a few other species.
The iron bark population is fairly small so at some point we will need to clear out the trees around it so they can expand a bit, but that is a task for another year :)


There is a LOT to go over and probably better suited for another post.
For now, I will just post up some pictures for your viewing pleasure!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the Comments section or on our forums!


The below images were all taken by the Real Estate Agent; Richard Jones, whom was very helpful with every question we had!

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