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So the past couple months have seen a lot of changes in our life.

One of those changes is the previously mentioned move to another location.

I went back through to see if I could find the video I took in mid December and I did find it.

However, it only shows the start of the completed grow bed basically.

I also seemed to have lost the images we took of the established system a couple weeks before leaving.



However, being 7 weeks in now and having already got the new system up and running, I can show you the updates we have made.

As previously posted, we found an excellent little shop that sells 600L troughs for $130... Bargain I said... And indeed it was, however the problem is that it doesn't have to much strength. After loading it up with gravel, the sides actually started to bow under the weight. So we had to reinforce it with wood with struts pushed into the ground.

Not an ideal situation, but it's what we have to work with at the moment. I am still trying to think of a way that I can reinforce it without the need of the struts.

I will post again tomorrow with some images of the updates, then a couple days with a video update.


Outside of that, the fish handled the move quite well and I didn't lose any! Which was a great surprise and relief to me that the transition wasn't too stressful.

Which is actually a surprise considering the limits I had to go to get them into the Esky. Then once we got here, due to a lack of foresight on my behalf, the fish didn't have any time to aclimatize to the change in conditions, they pretty much went straight into the new tank. Not for the lack of trying mind you, I just didn't secure the wading pool for the fish, so then due to the water inflow into the tank, slowly pulled in the container and flooded the fish with the new water.

Bugger it all! But that's what happened and I still didn't lose any fish so I count my lucky stars.


Back to the grow bed; We went to a local nursery and bought several of the main supply plants like Lettuce, Tomato, Celery, Strawberries, Cucumber and Snow Peas.

The plants we had from the previous system unfortunately didn't survive the transition and the trip.


Now we have some seedlings coming up to replace whats been lost. Again all these images will be posted tomorrow as to show the updates.


One of the other main changes that we made, we went to a CHOP system which allows a continuous Fish Tank level to be maintained and failure proof in case the pump fails.

This works very well, but this change came after our initial setup (We were concerned mainly with keeping the fish alive after the move).

So the setup isn't ideal again... But this is a small system to keep our fish alive from the move and our main 2500L system will be build properly, in the position we want it to be.


That's all I have for now, but I will post again tomorrow.

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