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Aquaponic Setup

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Ok, so there was a video I made around the 20th of December after several weeks of rain.


I just haven't uploaded it, which I apologize for!


There have been a lot of developments in life since the last post, which was Dec 1st.
Some of those updates include being asked to leave this house when the lease expires.
Which expires in 8 days.
But before this post we have organized a new place to move into and that is all ok!





From what I have learned of AP, I have found that Hydroton (Expanded Clay) isn't that good for plants that need root support. So anything outside carrots, beets, celery, some herbs (not basil), strawberries... These kinds of low lying not too bushy plants will be fine in Hydroton.


But, for everything else including things like pumpkin, cucumber, basil, tomato, you know, plants that need root support, Hydroton sucks.
That is why once we move into our new place and build the new Grow Bed, we will be using 10mm gravel or river rock for the medium.
Sure it is a lot heavier but we need that support for the plants so that slight winds don't just knock them flat!


I have some photos of the progress up to this date, so I will upload them in a short while.


But onto some other exciting developments!


Through my quest to learn all that I need to learn to be self sufficient and remain off the grid.
I have come across two wonderful building techniques that I am sure you will love as well.
One of the building techniques, the first I found, is using Earth Bags for the main wall.
Now all these Earth Bags are, are basically soil removed from the area you are building on and placed inside 25kg(50lb) mesh bags.
Then you stack them together in the same fashion you would bricks, tap them down so they are level and then place the next lot on top.
Very simple process but can take a bit of effort since you are dealing with 25kg bags... That is pretty heavy.
Never the less, I love the concept and I think it is definitely a viable option.


The other process that I found a day or so ago, is Compressed Earth Brick/Block (CEB).
I found this process through a group of people who have the same desires and goals as myself. They are the Open Source Ecology (OSE)!
They are designing what they call the "Global Village Construction Set" which is a set of industrial tools most commonly used in the creation of civilization.
Now you can head over to OSE and check them out for yourself and see what they do.
The part that I am interested in thus far is their CEB Press called 'The Liberator', an apt name if you ask me :)


This machine will allow the operator to create 3-8 bricks per minute out of the soil that is at the construction site (if the soil has the right amount of clay in it).
Which will produce around 5,000 bricks in a day. They say which is enough for a house, tho I am a little dubious on that part. But I guess it depends on the size of the dwelling.


I digress... The best apart the OSE is that they are of course, OPEN SOURCE. Which means through all their testing and pioneering, they will be releasing all the plans and schematics to build these tools yourself. At a cost I am sure, but considering how much money these will save you in the end, it's well worth it.


Of course they have other tools on the table to be created like combine harvesters and CNC machines.
Pretty much all the tools and machinery I would need to complete my goal.


Which I have yet to reveal on this site because I want to get as much detail as I can into what we are after and how we are going to achieve it.


Anyway, I will be keeping a close eye on the OSE team and I will endeavor to create what I need from their example.


Until next time, stay safe and learn.

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