Aquaponic Setup

Aquaponic Setup

Obtain Parts
Assemble Parts
Cycle System
Plant System
Complete by: 31/03/2017 Budget: $2,500 Cost Tally: $786 Status: Active

I am but one sovereign individual who has one desire in life; that desire is to share knowledge.

Knowledge is power; and too many factions move to limit our knowledge.
With this in mind, I have devised a network that will find, store and distribute information of all types.
From time to time we will also list 'how-to' guides on certain subjects. For example; The first project that has been listed in the Projects blog, is about Aquaponics.
It is a basic setup and will give you a fair idea of the operation and how easy it is to make. We will update the Aquaponics blog with new builds and more information as we get it.
At the moment the site is bare, but I am working on uploading what information documents I have. Submissions from new users are more than welcome, as we want to grow this community. 
In a short time, I will list our ultimate goal for the future and what is needed to complete it.
This goal can be achieved by ourselves, but we will open it to those who wish to be apart of it.

There isn't much more to add at this time, so I will get back to the work at hand.

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