We have planned out a new 2,000 Liter Aquaponics system that will consist of;

  • 2x 1,000L IBCs for Fish Tanks
  • 4x 300L Grow Beds
  • 2x 300L Floating Raft Beds

The total cost of the system is estimated to be around $2,500 AUD.

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ArtCreative Design and Custom coding

Generates BioOil, BioGas and Heat for use in every purpose of the modern home. Amazing coupling of technologies that would allow anyone to live off the grid without a need for external power costs.

Check out MrTeslonian's YouTube channel here;
 Teslonian Man Show!


As time went on without a care for us mere mortals, we mortals slowly stumbled upon this Earth and saw naught of what was in front of us.

The New Year brings new possibilities and new opportunities, be it opportunities we have missed or sorely need.

We set forth a task for ourselves in an attempt to better our future and our families.

Over the coming year, Kindred Network will hopefully see leaps and bounds in progress as we have finally made a decision that was up until now, holding us back.

You can count on one hand how many people are involved with Kindred Net, but there is a glint on the horizon of potentially more.

There is myself, my partner and my mother and soon to be at least 2 others.

With only a handful of people there is only so much that can be done at any given time and even less when there is no one actually on the property.

This is where the first change of the New Year occurs...

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Near on 4 months now... 16 weeks... That's a long time not to post anything.

I apologize for that but there wasn't much to post about really; outside of the site clearing. Oops.

But we went back to the property for the first time since leaving in early May to check out the "damage".

When we arrived, we had noticed our temp accommodation tent was still standing but our annex had partially collapsed.

Nothing a couple hours of work didn't fix :) Inside the tent, everything was copacetic which was fantastic. We had imagined that some nasty little mammals had taken up residence and made the tent their own.
Luckily for us however, there was no signs of ANY mammal intrusions of ANY kind! What a relief and a great surprise!

We had made some stabilized earth bricks before leaving in May so we were also anxious to check out how they went. They were made using pure site soil plus 10% by weight cement. Similar to our shower base which was site soil and 5% cement mix; which has held up and shown no signs of cracking or  wear. Our bricks on the other hand... Edges had wear and were easy to break down with a little pressure. Then I did a drop test on one of the bricks.
First drop, didn't break and gave a satisfying 'thud'. Second drop was aimed to land on the edge of a rock - this was the main test as @ 1 meter drop, the brick shouldn't break. Alas it did, right in half :( So we will have to revise the mixture for our bricks or look at different construction methods.

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